Autochartist 3.3

Autochartist makes and recognizes chart patterns for making decisions
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If you are a trader, whether novice or professional, then you will understand the importance of chart patterns and know that they should be used when making decisions. The Autochartist program will do a lot of the work for you. Since it is capable of recognized patterns and even emerging patterns in real time, you will not have to spend your time constantly looking for new trades to make.
Autochartist covers markets around the world and once a pattern has been established, the program will then magnify the pattern and analyze this trend for thousands of stock shares. The software provides good charts, because it bases its recognition of trends on the theory of technical analysis, which is used by professional traders over the years.
Every pattern that this program creates for you will come complete with an analysis. This makes it even easier to pick out the good trades from the bad ones. The analysis itself is of high quality and even the beginners in the field will find it easy to use and understand.
The charts are delivered by the program in real-time, which means you will be notified of a trend as soon as it is identified. You can then base your daily decisions on the provided charts and analyses.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Identifies patterns in real-time


  • Have to always be on the look out for more patterns sent to you
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